Custom-made promotional characters is our business and our passion.

Not just another vendor, our clients need us to be their brand partner. They trust we will bring the entirety of their brand image to life.

Award-winning artist and sculptor, Cindy Maniates has spent the past 30 years creating big, fun characters, re-imagining the classic mascot and finding cost-effective solutions for her clients. Cindy is considered one of the best in her field-- and her clients can always be assured they'll be working directly with her.

Aardvark Mascots reputation has been built on a simple idea: Effective promotional characters MUST HAVE PERSONALITY! A company's brand idea is rarely 2-dimensional and neither should its living breathing counterpart!

We strongly believe mascots and brand representatives should be genuinely unique and carefully crafted to embody the organization's ideals.

Ultimately, though, we never lose sight of the fact that its really all about entertainment-- and people having A WHOLE BUNCH OF FUN!